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Painter and Physicist

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painting Sylt landscape by Harry Drewes

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  • Harry Drewes - Painting and Drawing - Scientific Consulting
  • Jean-Paul-Weg 28
  • 22303 Hamburg - Germany
  • +49 (0)1525 3395524
  • hwdrewes@online.de

As a physicist, I worked at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research in Braunschweig and at Hauni Maschinenbau in Hamburg. Now I'm concentrating on painting and drawing. My particular interest is focused on the connections between painting and physics or more generally, between visual arts and science. More info in the flyer Painting and Physics

Painting and drawing

A selection of my pictures can be found under the menu items Painting and Drawing. Or take a look at the catalog Paintings 2008 – 2019. There are more paintings and drawings. Do you have questions, wish to buy a painting or give feedback? Then please send me an e-mail addressed to hwdrewes@online.de .

Scientific consulting

System analysis, concept development, innovation: Please find more information about my scientific education, professional career and qualifications on Researchgate. For example, I worked on a study by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) on the corona pandemic. For this I was able to contribute my experience with mathematical modeling. In September 2020 our book Corona - Zahlen richtig verstehen was released by the Dr. Köster publishing house in Berlin. An interdisciplinary research project on Corona was running at the HAW until January 2022, in which I was involved.

Roger Penrose Tiling - Golden Ratio - Math Art

Graphics and illustration

An illustration combining math and art was desired. It should be exciting and attract attention, even if the math behind it is not understood at first. For this I chose the Golden Ratio.

The illustration is called "Penrose Tiling and Golden Ratio". It was created on the computer, printed on canvas and mounted on stretchers (60 x 72 cm).

In the picture the Golden Ratio (Φ) appears in many places. The Golden Ratio exists when a line is divided into two parts and the longer part (a) divided by the smaller part (b) is equal to the sum (a+b) divided by (a).

The picture is commissioned by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg).

My thanks go to

Anne Drewes for making the text clearer, Hilke Bleeken for the English translation, Cornelia Hansen, who made the reproductions of the pictures as found under the menu item Painting, Ute Reichel, where I can move forward with my painting studies and last but not least Dr. Christel Ketelsen, who technically implemented and designed this website.


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