Harry Drewes

Painter and Physicist

painting wind air colors abstract

Colors in the Wind ⓘ Harry Drewes
Colors in the Wind (private)
Acrylic on canvas 40x60cm

painting cosmos stars constellation draco dragon

Guardian for the stars ⓘ Harry Drewes
Guardian for the stars
Acrylic on canvas 60x80cm

painting enchanted forest Spöktal Lüneburg Heath

Magical forest ⓘ Harry Drewes
Magical forest (sold)
Acrylic on canvas 60x80cm

painting reverie flowers garden Allmende artist,

Reverie ⓘ Harry Drewes
Acrylic on canvas 50x60cm

painting deep sea mathane source diving boat corals crabs octopus fish

Creatures of the deep ⓘ Harry Drewes
Creatures of the deep
Acrylic on canvas 80x60cm

painting salt marsh, North Sea coast

Salt marsh ⓘ Harry Drewes
Salt marsh
Acrylic on canvas 40x60cm

painting storm sun rain, North Sea, Hallig islands, triptych

Storm, sunshine and rain ⓘ Harry Drewes
Storm, sunshine and rain
Triptych, acrylic on canvas 45x105cm
2018 (sold)

painting physics, aurora borealis, polar lights

Northern lights ⓘ Harry Drewes
Northern lights
Acrylic on canvas 80x70cm

painting polar lights, aurora borealis artistic

Northern lights above houses ⓘ Harry Drewes
Northern lights above houses
Acrylic on canvas 70x80cm

painting clouds sea sky

Cloud over the wadden sea ⓘ Harry Drewes
Cloud over the wadden sea
Acrylic on canvas 60x80cm

painting landscape abstract, Wulfsdorf near Hamburg

Summer day ⓘ Harry Drewes
Summer day (sold)
Acrylic on canvas 50x80cm

painting flowers garden abstract

Flower garden ⓘ Harry Drewes
Flower garden (private)
Acrylic on canvas 49x80cm

painting Wyk Föhr

Steps to the sea ⓘ Harry Drewes
Steps to the sea
Acrylic on canvas 60x60cm

painting Denmark harbour

Strynø Harbor ⓘ Harry Drewes
Strynø Harbor
Acrylic on canvas 50x70cm
Maleri, akryl på lærred 2015

tableaux France Provence

Rue des Soustets ⓘ Harry Drewes
Rue des Soustets, Séguret
Acrylic on canvas 70x50cm
Peinture acrylique 2015

painting Wulfsdorf nature

Men planting cabbage ⓘ Harry Drewes
Men planting cabbage
Acrylic on canvas 60x60cm

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