Harry Drewes

Painter and Physicist

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Photo: Karin Cramer

Glaze painting

painting still live with apple, example for glaze painting and white heightening

Using glaze painting technique you can compose the picture beginning in one color (e.g. yellow, magenta or cyan blue). White is needed in addition to brighten up dark spots. This is called white heightening. Mixing is not done on the canvas. Each layer of paint dries before the next glazing.

first step

To start with the picture is set up with a broad brush. For this picture it starts with cerulean blue   . Additionally I use white  whenever it is needed.

second step

After being certain about the composition the second color ultramarine blue  is added.

third step

Furthermore white, cerulean blue and ultramarine blue      are on the pallet.

fourth step

Now magenta  is added,

fifth step

also hansa yellow light  .

sixth step

Finally I have white, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, magenta, cadmium scarlet, hansa yellow light and cadmium yellow              on the pallet and finish the painting.

Patch painting

Budding hopes, example for patch painting

Using patch painting technique colors are mixed on the pallet. In contrast to glaze painting working on composition and on colors cannot be divided in separate passes. A lot has to be observed at the same time: cool colors, warm colors, color harmonies, shapes and the entire composition. This is a real challenge.

first step

In the beginning I try to dedicate myself rather to colors then to shapes. I have to examine the established still live precisely and mix the colors I see on the pallet with care.

second step

More colors are applied to the canvas. I am not yet happy with blossoms top left. Why is the pot on the bottom right white, it does not match. Even so it is looking like this in reality, it does not work for the painting.

third step

The pot on the bottom right has found its color, but not the blossoms top left and not yet the entire area on the bottom left. For the background I like the newly invented trees.

fourth step

Just go on painting.

fifth step

The blossoms on the top now have got their color and shape. But the area on the bottom left still waits for painting ideas.

sixth step

Just a single orchid flower on the bottom left und the painting is finished.

I learned about glaze painting and patch painting at Ute Reichel’s painting studio. www.malwerkstatt-utereichel.de

The pigments I use

  Magenta,   Quinacridon magenta,   Cadmium scarlet,   Burnt sienna,   Translucent orange,   Cadmium orange,   Gold ochre,   Cadmium yellow,   Hansa yellow light,   Chromium oxide green,   Cobalt teal blue,   Cerulean blue,   Prussian blue,   Ultramarine blue,   Titanium white   

Painters, who impressed me deeply

Out of my bookshelf

Color theory

You can paint without color theory. But some like theory and I am one of them. However practice should always come before theory as Josef Albers wrote in his book "Interaction of color". Anyone who now and then likes to complement practice with some theory will find a lot in the internet.